You must be in the zone for 30 days before you can place a bid to leave that zone, unless you can no longer hold a job in the zone.  If you pass up your job, you can only bump within the zone  (and craft) you are in.             

 (you can’t change zones or go from road to yard after passing up your job).

The Ft. Worth Service Unit is divided into zones.  South end is zone 3. Within zone 3 there are several different jobs, such as RT65 through freight, LBC 41, Bellmead yard job, Ennis yard, Hearne yard.  If you are placed on the RT65 board and you are there for only one week and get bumped you must exhaust your seniority on all jobs within that zone before leaving the zone. If you are the youngest person in that zone and get bumped, you may bid or place in another zone.

1. Zone 1 shall consist of the territory from Ft. Worth/Dallas North to

Childress, Chickasha, McAlester and Purcell, non-yard assignments

between  Ft. Worth and Mesquite and GSW assignments.

2. Zone 2 shall consist of the territory from Chickasha (including) north to

Wichita/Winfield, the Lawton branch and the Oklahoma City branch.

3. Zone 3 shall consist of the territory from Ft. Worth/Dallas South to

Hearne, Taylor and through freight rights to Smithville.

4. Zone 4 shall consist of the territory from Ft. Worth west to Toyah.

5. Zone 5 shall consist of the Ft. Worth and Dallas yard assignments.


You may bump any person that is your junior. If you are notified that you have been bumped (displaced), you are placed on a bump board. Logging into the UP system will show you as being notified.  Avoiding calls from CMS to take notification will only extend your time untill they feel it is excessive.  You will then be put into Evading Assignment (EA) and your notification time will begin. You then have 48 hours to exercise your seniority (place a bump). If you do not place a bump within 48 hours of notification you lose your bump. Once you have been placed on a bump board the company can force you to a job immediately. 

Force Bump

When CMS calls and informs you that you have been force assigned to a job, you have 24 hours to protect that job. During that period you may force bump anyone junior to you to that job. Due to the long distances involved with the Ft. Worth Service Unit and are not able to make it to your new place of work, you can lay off miles with CMS.

Bidding on Jobs

You may place as many standing bids as you like. But remember that if you are awarded a bid, the following day you could be awarded another bid and have to change jobs. If the job that you are awarded is you first choice, the rest of your bids should be deleted automatically. If the job you are awarded is not your first choice, say your third choice, then all bids below that should be deleted automatically.

Lodging when forced out of town

If you get forced out of town and it is more than 100 miles from your home terminal,  you may use your CLC card at the hotel. UP will pay for your lodging while forced out. You must bump back home at first opportunity. While staying in the hotel on UP’s dime, you must check out of hotel when called on a through freight job and on your rest days for yard and local work.

Changing Boards

When you place on a board that you have not worked on for more than thirty days you will need to call the manager in charge of that territory and tell them you are now on their board. You can find the names and numbers in the Superintendent bulletin.

Terminal Arrival Time (TAT)

When tying up, it is important to use the correct terminal arrival time. The wrong time used could cause other conductors to run around you. When north bound on Ft. Worth sub it is CPT 243 south end of Wren, Midlothian sub is CPT948 Midlothian Junction, Choctaw sub is north end of Hodge, Baird sub is west end of Iona.


You will be marked up automatically 24 hours later. If you lay off for 72 hours or more and you markup between 0001 and 0759 you will not be called for through freight service before 8:00 a.m.

Missing Call

Every effort must be made to accept your call in a timely manner. If you fail to answer your phone, you will be miscalled. The time from first attempted call to the point of being miscalled is up to the crew caller, although it is typically around 30 minutes. In the event a promoted trainman fails to respond to call for service as referred to in Section III A, above, on a vacancy on an outlying run, he may, at his request, displace and relieve the employe who accepted the call, provided the employee accepting the call has worked at least one day or round trip and into the home terminal or tie up point of the run. The exercise of this right will not entitle the employe who had failed to protect such vacancy to compensation for deadheading in either direction.

T & P Agreement, Article 25, Page 399, Section III, Paragraph B.