If you are called to traverse a territory you have never seen, inform CMS that you are not qualified and need a pilot.  If you are denied a pilot, ask them... "are you forcing me to work somewhere I have never been?" and "are you forcing me to violate an FRA regulation?"  If they make you go, call Lonnie Hill with the FRA 940-600-0982


  • A pilot is not required if grade is less than 1% and one of the following applies:

               you don't go over one mile

               maximum speed for the track doesn't exceed 20mph

               territory requires all trains to proceed at restricted speed

               (see SSI page 39 Item 7b)


If the territory that you are instructed to traverse is other than main track, you will be provided one of the following:


  • a pilot

  • a job aid

  • a detailed job briefing from a familiar employee

               (see SSI page 39 Item 7b)


Do not call the FRA at inappropriate hours.  Comply with your instructions and call them later (but DO call them)


For purposes of famialirization, a period over 2 years qualifies as "Never"